By | February 2, 2019

Henrico, Virginia is one of the most easily accessible locations in the US; around half the country’s population can drive to the county within a day. Furthermore, the county is home to the Richmond International Airport.

Henrico is home to a variety of historical, architectural and sporting attractions. Read on below to learn more about some of the top attractions in this impressive county in the state of Virginia.

Richmond National Battlefield Park

For orientation of the main battles of the Seven Day Campaign back in 1962, visit the Glendale/Malvern Hill Battlefield Visitor Center. Here you will have an opportunity to learn more about the details surrounding the epic battles of Glendale and Malvern Hill which occurred on June 30 and July 1, respectively.

You can check out the electronic maps of the battles as well as the nearby Glendale National Cemetery which holds over a thousand graves.

Virginia State Capitol

With the help of Charles Louis Clerisseau back in 1785, Thomas Jefferson, then US Minister of Finance, designed the Virginia State Capitol.

As one of the most significant architectural marvels of Virginia, the capitol building was the first to be built in the country after the Revolutionary War. It is also the first public structure in the new world built to resemble a Roman temple.

The building first housed the Virginia General Assembly, and is used by the state’s lawmakers to date.

Dorey Park And Recreation Center

This expansive park is home to some walkways meandering through the woods, walking the trail, pond, picnic shelters, open space, playground, gazebo and fenced off-leash dog park that features two separate areas, one for large dogs and the other for small dogs.

The park which can be rented out for various events also hosts its events and activities for both kids and adults throughout the year.

Belle Isle

Go mountain biking along the trails, fishing at the quarry pond, accessible by wheelchair, climb a granite wall in Belle Isle. Visitors can also tour the interpreted historical sites within the location. You can also sunbathe on top of the large flat rocks encircling the island. However, beware of the strong Hollywood Rapids; this area is not suitable for swimming.

To access Belle Isle, use the main pedestrian footbridge located on Tredegar Street. Alternatively, you can use the rock hopping route from the south shore, or the wooden bridge located close to 22nd Street.

With the above Henrico, Virginia attractions included in your sightseeing itinerary, you will get to experience the best that this location has to offer during your visit.